Online Services

If you're tired of postal rate increases, too busy to bank during banking hours, hate managing piles of statements and bills, or just dread the time consuming task of writing the same checks every month, sign up for Online Banking, Melrose School and Municipal Employees's Internet banking and bill paying service.

Free Banking Features

  • Check account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Make a one-time transfer
  • Set up recurring transfers
  • Export information to Microsoft® Money or Quicken


This feature offers members the opportunity to view their statements online. By choosing E-Statements instead of paper statements, you will get your statement sooner, have your statements archived for 12 months, be able to print your statement at any time, help the environment, and even reduce the risk of identity theft. Sign up for this free and convenient service today.

Click HERE to learn more about our E-Statements.

Click HERE to sign up for E-Statements.


Enrollment in Home Banking 24 / Virtual Branch automatically includes sign-up for E-Statements. Members may request to "Opt-out" of E-Statements at anytime but by doing so, also relinquish access to Home Banking 24 services.